Self Assessment Tax Returns prepared and submitted direct to HMRC

Do you need to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return?

Are you self employed?

Being self employed including CIS will require registration with HMRC and a self assessment tax return to be submitted.   

Child Benefit

Have you or your partner earned over £50,000 during the tax year. Did one of you claim child benefit? 

Taxable earnings over £100,000

An employee who earns over £100,000 is required to submit a self assessment tax return.

Did you receive any income from abroad?

Did you receive more than £2,500 from renting out property?

Did you receive dividends in excess of £10,000 or more before Tax?

Other income in excess of £2,500 which has not been taxed!

Did you receive income from savings or investments of more than £10,000 before Tax?

Profits from selling Capital Items

Selling a second home,  shares and other Capital Items may attract Capital Gains Tax

Do you live abroad?

Did you receive an income from the UK whilst living abroad?  If yes it is highly likely you need to complete a self assessment tax return!

Have you received a P800 from HMRC?

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Other situations!

The information on this page represents the most common reasons for Self Assessment Tax Returns. Each individual is unique. 

Did you answer yes to any of the above questions?

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